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Amaze & OMH: Bringing the power of Open source and Open mobile ecosystem to users globally

By March 1, 2024June 10th, 2024No Comments

In the app landscape dominated by big corporations and closed-source apps, Team Amaze stands out as a beacon of open-source development and user privacy. This small team of developers spread globally, has carved a niche by creating high-quality, ad-free applications that prioritize user experience and privacy.

Driven by a shared passion for mobile technology and a commitment to user privacy, they’ve built a loyal following among Android users seeking open-source alternatives to established apps.

Talking about the motivation behind Amaze, the team member Raymond Lai says:

“I started off my journey at Amaze out of a pure need of an open source file manager that can copy files over SSH back in 2018, after the other proprietary file manager app became too slow and reported to contain malware, and Amaze was the only one I could find that has support for remote filesystems and decent codebase that I can work with after shopping around Github.

Since the pull request of support of copying files over SSH was accepted, Vishal Nehra and Emmanuel Messulam invited me to become one of the developers of Amaze, and my focus is on the integration with remote filesystems, as well as the use of Android’s Storage Access Framework.”

What Apps Do They Develop?

Their flagship app, Amaze File Manager, is a testament to their philosophy. This open-source file manager boasts a sleek, Material Design interface and a wealth of features like multi-tab browsing, cloud storage integration, and root explorer access.

Beyond Amaze File Manager, Team Amaze offers a suite of apps that cater to various user needs. Amaze File Utilities helps analyze and manage duplicate files, large videos, and blurry images. Amaze Cloud Plugin lets you connect your favorite cloud storage platforms like Google Drive and Dropbox within the Amaze File Manager.

What Makes Them Different?

Team Amaze sets itself apart from the competition in several key ways:

User-Friendly Interface: combines a clean, intuitive interface with extensive customization options, including themes, making file management straightforward and highly personalized for users. Open-Source: Their code is openly available on GitHub under the GPLv3 license, promoting transparency and community contributions. Privacy-Focused: They collect no user data and respect their users’ privacy. User-Centric: They actively engage with their user base, gathering feedback and incorporating it into their development process.

Partnership with Open Mobile Hub (OMH)

As Team Amaze looks to expand its capabilities and provide more options to users within an open-ecosystem framework, Open Mobile Hub (OMH) was a natural synergistic partner. OMH, under Linux Foundation Europe, is revolutionizing the mobile ecosystem with its open-source framework, accessible on GitHub for seamless collaboration and innovation. The mobile client libraries and tools empower developers to seamlessly integrate a wide range of mobile services into their applications.

By integrating with Open Mobile Hub (OMH), Amaze File Manager would unlock a new era of cross-platform accessibility. Amaze is leading the way that will empower developers to leverage OMH’s streamlined approach that seamlessly functions across different operating systems.

OMH’s plugin architecture also supports the Amaze Cloud Plugin, which facilitates cloud authentication for popular services such as Google Drive, Dropbox, Box, and OneDrive. This is in line with Amaze File Manager’s goal to support all major service providers for local storage. By adopting OMH’s plugins, Amaze File Manager will be able to offer its users the option to choose their preferred storage and authentication providers.

Beyond Individual Apps:

The impact of OMH goes beyond Team Amaze’s apps. This collaboration sets a precedent for cross-platform app development, prioritizing user privacy and an open mobile ecosystem.

Open Mobile Hub gives developers open source client libraries, reach multiple devices with single build and choose between various plugins.

Join the Movement:

How can you join this thrilling collaboration? Start by downloading the Amaze File Manager and visiting the OMH website. Help us spread the word about our mission and actively participate in the open-source community. Together, we can create a mobile experience that not only respects our privacy but also drives innovation towards a brighter future.

Thank you for reading this OMH SDK article! We hope that you are enjoying these series and learning new things. We are open to any open-source contributors of this project, please contact us at if you are interested in learning more! For more insights into the philosophy behind OMH, visit our official website and our GitHub Repo:

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